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Julie Casey
Phone: 336-410-1685

Meet Julie Casey

Julie is one of the new brokers with CWR. However she enters the real estate business with a lot of practical experience having successfully brokered two “For Sale by Owner”  transactions and assisting her husband as he began his real estate career.
Team Casey “The Dynamic Duo” is now complete.

Julie’s nature is to accentuate the positive in everything she does. Julie’s goal as a CWR broker is to create happy home owners, by making selling or buying a home easy and ”‘breathable”.

Sellers- Julie is an admitted “no limit do it your self”. Her experience in remodeling and renovations of their family properties gives her the desire and ability to help stage and tweak your home enhancing its appeal. This helps owners get higher dollar offers.

Buyers – Julie understands finding the right fit sometimes takes time and sometimes customers don’t always know exactly what they want. Julie’s openness and ability to sort out information helps clients pinpoint and find the features in a home that are important to how they plan to live.

In her leisure time, Julie is busy creating beautiful “one of a kind” art treasures for family and friends. Julie says, “I always have a project in the works” The most important thing in Julie’s life? “My relationship with The Lord and My family.”

Julie’s natural and learned abilities are powerful assets she brings to each family under her watch. We are confident Julie will soon be one of the top requested brokers in our firm.

Connect with Julie today. Find out for yourself.

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