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Herita Jones

Fax: 336-450-1642


Meet Herita Jones, our new design specialist. Herita and her team are your key to getting higher dollar offers for your home. They will work with you on ways to improve your homes market appeal. Herita has been enhancing looks for over 20 years as a professional make-up artist. Paring her knowledge of colors, the use of light, textures, angles with a passion for interior design and home remodeling allows CWR to offer client this exciting new service, unmatched in the industry today. We call it CWR Touch Up. You will call it “ A Game Changer”

When Herita is not on set or working with CWR she spends time gardening and working on her cosmetic line now in development.  

Click here to find out more about CWR Touch Up.

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