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Charlie Ward Sr.

Phone: 336-708-0560


The purchase of my first  home was the catalyst that put me on a path towards buying and selling real estate.  I realized owning real estate had several advantages including financial stability, tax credits or deductions, and the starting line towards generational wealth.  Home is where you will have most of your life experiences. It’s an important decision.

I have managed rental property ,worked with the United States Postal Service in Human Resources and now I am helping other families realize the benefits of home ownership. I am a believer in continuing education. Every industry is changing and it is our responsibility to stay informed so we can give you the best service possible. .

The workforce Housing Specialist Certification is my commitment to serving first time home buyers and workforce housing clients. There are special financing options available for clients who work in certain civic careers like firefighters, nurses, and teachers.  Visit for more information.  I am registered by HUD to represent the seller and/or the buyer in a transaction where a homeowner has defaulted on their loan, the property has been foreclosed upon and returned to the lender for resale. 

I am very proud to have earned the prestigious Graduate .Realtor Institute designation. I saw the importance of gaining in-dept knowledge of technical subjects as well as the fundamentals of real estate. Classes like “ The ABC’s of Financing”, “Mastering Real Estate Negotiations”, “Technology Tools and Resources” are only a few examples of the advanced learning I have completed.  It is our commitment to you to continue expanding our knowledge base to stay up to date on the latest concepts, policies and strategies involved in buying, selling or investing in real Estate.

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