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Home Selling Tip #1: CWRTouchUp

Selling “As Is” is not a doctrine, it’s an option. You can choose to make minor changes and sell your home for or above market value. CWRTouchUP is now available for those who qualify. 

  • Please share your contact info, and let us know you would like to get more out of the sale of your home

  • We’ll send our Design Specialist to see what improvements you can make to increase your sale price

  • After the consultation, it's your choice; you can handle the improvements, or you can relax while we take care of everything. You pay nothing up front, we deduct the cost at closing

Thanks for submitting!

We say it’s a “Game Changer,” but here’s what our customers say:

"A Blessing"

“Take something off your plate and just go for it”

"A Godsend"

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