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Jayne Trinette
Phone: 336-312-3542
License number: 

There Is Nothing Plane About Jayne!

Jayne Trinette Butler is a dual career agent maintaining a successful career as a performer and now helping families and individuals through the stages of selling or buying a home investment property.

Jayne brings the energy of Broadway to CWR and its clients. Having traveled the world for years and working with many productions including Disney's The Lion King. Jayne has cultivated a strong skill set in developing relationships and deep appreciation for "home". Jayne says "As an actor it is very important to establish relationships and study how people connect. That's what makes a character believable."


As a new home owner, experiencing the advantages of home ownership. Jayne's goal is to educate  people on the importance of real estate ownership in establishing a path towards generational wealth. Becoming a catalyst in helping families find homes and start or continue the process is a number one priority. Jayne brings an eagerness to help smooth out the rough process that naturally comes with buying and selling a home. Once you engage with this dynamic personality immediately get a sense that you are in good hands.

When not providing service to CWR clients Jayne can be found training her voice, rehearsing or spending time with her family including her husband Bryan and her four legged family member Jazz. Everyone and anyone who met Jayne remembers the experience.

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