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Chinna Dunigan

Phone: 336-676-2969
License number: 331206

Meet Chinna!

Originally from the beautiful state of Mississippi, Chinna has been serving real estate customers since 2010. As a recent Master’s Degree graduate, Chinna knows through education and experience that owning real estate is an important first step in building wealth now and in the future.

In addition to buying and selling properties, Chinna has experience in property management and in the development of single and multi-family homes. Performing these roles has given her a proficiency in understanding credit and financial resources, and how they affect the home purchasing process.


For the majority of 1st time home buyers, the ‘credit talk’ brings high anxiety. Chinna’s insight and confidence in this area combined with her warm southern charm allow home buyers to exhale as they prepare for conversations with their financing partners.

Assuring your real estate journey is both successful and enjoyable means Chinna listens attentively to fully understand your needs, priorities and your vision. The ultimate goal is building strong connections for service now and in the future.


When she is not serving clients, Chinna is immersed in quality time with her family and in creative writing. As a published author, Chinna knows the power of the written word.You have our word, that Chinna is a dynamic, highly skilled, broker who brings her expertise to the Triad and is ready to serve you. 

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Chinna Dunigan

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